Dynamical Systems and Structural Dynamics

Research in this area encompasses both dynamical systems and structural dynamics. Some of the current projects in dynamical systems focus on biomolecular dynamics, mixing of passive S tracers, noisy nonlinear systems, nonlinear functional differential equations, stability of nonlinear stochastic systems, and global behavior of nonlinear aeroelastic flat panels. Some of the current projects in structural dynamics focus on damping bolted joints, laser vibrometers, control methods for aerostructures, flutter suppression, wave propagations, and several aspects of viscoelastic research. There are currently sixteen active research projects in dynamical systems and structural dynamics. Several of these projects are sponsored by government agencies and leading industry companies such as: the National Science Foundation, the Office of Naval Research, Sandia National Laboratories, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. The research is conducted by faculty members, numerous graduate students, undergraduate students, and visiting scholars.

Faculty Researchers:

  • Maciej Balajewicz - Aeroelasticity, developing theoretical and computational tools for low-dimensional modeling of high-dimensional systems

  • L. A. Bergman - Structural dynamics and control, stochastic dynamics, system identification, smart structures

  • S. Chung - Flexible aircraft and spacecraft dynamics and control

  • C. Langbort - Dynamical systems

  • H. H. Hilton (Professor Emeritus) - Solid mechanics, viscoelasticity, composites, structures, dynamics, numerical analysis, computer-aided engineering, aeroelasticity, structural control

  • N. S. Namachchivaya - Nonlinear dynamical systems, including bifurcation theory, stability analysis, stochastic processes, structural dynamics