News Stories

Robotic arm's gripper claw
An AE team competes in NASA's Maxi-Mav Challenge.
UIUC Research Park mowing
Soon-Jo Chung and other researchers work to map areas where GPS cannot go.
Talbot Laboratory
D. Christopher Raymond, Richard L. Hoch, and David A. Shaw honored as AE alumni.
GPS icon
Assistant Prof. Grace Gao's instruction on GPS has earned honors from Engineering at Illinois.
High-altitude balloon class
Prof. Vicki Coverstone's students experience the thrill of launching their projects with a high-altitude balloon.
Mike Bragg
Mike Bragg returns to Illinois to be feted by the College of Engineering
D. Christopher Raymond
Boeing VP D. Christopher Raymond illustrates his career in aerospace.
Illinois Space Day
Dan Regan returns to campus for Illinois Space Day to talk about life as an aerospace engineer.
Boeing IT Case Competition
AE grad student Derek Chen takes second in Boeing competition.
Prof. John Lambros
Prof. John Lambros' course creation and direction of AE's online master's degree earns campus accolades.
Assistant Prof. Marco Panesi
Assistant Prof. Marco Panesi and his group are honored for their work in modeling high-speed flight.
flight simulation
Jet engines, flight and orbit simulators, rockets and frozen marshmallows all were part of AE's 2015 EOH.
Cronus tool for Micro-g NExT competition
An ISS team is designing a tool for NASA astronauts to collect surface samples from asteroids.
H.S. Stillwell
NASA Chief Technologist David W. Miller encouraged students to get involved with NASA technology.
Associate Prof. Daniel Bodony
New Willett Faculty Scholar Dan Bodony is recognized for contributions to the University of Illinois.
NASA Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) Project
Assistant Prof. Soon-Jo Chung’s collaboration with NASA JPL is going strong.
Graphic from modeling of high-speed flight
Assistant Prof. Marco Panesi's work in modeling high-speed flight has earned a Young Investigator Award.
JPL announces competition.
Illinois teams are invited to compete in designing safe landings for a space vehicle on a planet in JPL's contest.
David L. Carroll
AE Visiting Prof. David L. Carroll is elected a Fellow of the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE).
National Academy of Engineering logo
The NAE recognizes AE alumnus George K. Muellner for leadership in the research, design, and development of advanced air and space vehicles.


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